How to Dispose of Slime & How Not to

Wondering if you could throw slime down the drain or in your trash can? Read on to learn how to dispose of slime safely and sustainably!

How to Dispose of Slime & How Not to

Slime can be entertaining, but its disposal can be quite tricky. You can’t just throw it away without thinking, because improper disposal can cause plumbing and environmental issues. If you don’t know the right way, read this article to safely discard homemade or store-bought slime.

How to Dispose of Slime

 Dispose of Slime

If you need to dispose of an old batch of slime that’s no longer usable or a failed homemade slime experiment, follow the below methods:

  1. For Smaller Amounts of Slime – Place the slime in a sealable plastic bag and discard it in the household trash can. This method prevents environmental damage and sewage clogging issues.
  2. For Larger Amounts of Slime – To safely dispose of large chunks of slime, first dry them completely. Then, cut the dried slime into small pieces and throw it in the garbage can inside a zipper bag.

Avoid These Mistakes When Disposing of Slime


Here are some key mistakes to avoid while disposing of your favorite slime:

1. Flushing Slime Down The Toilet

Flushing slime down the toilet is a common mistake that can cause significant plumbing problems. Slime doesn’t dissolve in water and sticks to the side of pipes, creating blockages over time. That’s why you should avoid tossing slime in the toilet bowl.

2. Throwing Slime Outdoors

Since slime is not biodegradable, avoid leaving it outdoors. Wildlife and pets may ingest slime, mistaking it for food. Also, the ingredients in slime can negatively affect soil quality and plant health.

3. Improperly Discarding Slime in Trash Can

Simply throwing slime in the regular trash can is not a good idea. If not sealed properly in a zipper bag or a container, slime can create unpleasant odors and sticky residues in the trash can.


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