Castor Oil In The Ear | How To Use Castor Oil In The Ear

Castor Oil In The Ear can have many benefits—just ask your mum. Here’s why people do it and why you should too!

Castor oil is one of the best among natural extracts. The plant grows in tropical regions and has large leaves with red or green beans. But it’s not the beans we’re interested in. It’s the oil that comes from them. We’ll show you why and how to use this Castor Oil In The Ear.

Castor Oil Information

Castor oil stays in the limelight as it has been used to treat earaches for centuries. Did you know that the first use of Castor oil for treating different things dates back to ancient Egypt? Yes, that’s true–it’s even been found in tombs from 4000 BC.

So where does it come from? Castor oil comes from the Castor bean plant (Ricinus communis), which is native to India and Africa. The oil is extracted from the plant’s beans, but it’s not an easy process since the beans are toxic (they contain ricin).

Castor oil is pale yellow in color and has a distinctive taste and odor, which is strong and slightly unpleasant. What makes it unique is the presence of ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid not commonly found.

Benefits of Using Castor Oil in the Ear

The biggest benefit of using Castor oil in the ear is that it helps with earwax buildup. The ricinoleic acid present in these oils actually has a keratolytic effect, which is a fancy way of saying it can break down keratin. Now, keratin is the protein that makes up most of earwax so a little bit of castor oil can help soften the earwax by breaking down its outer layer and helping it absorb moisture.

Castor oil DOES NOT melt away the earwax or make it vanish but will make it easier to clean your ears. Plus, castor oil improves skin health inside the ear canal.

The oil also helps with tinnitus. Ever heard a whistling sound in your ear that irritates you? That’s Tinnitus, and yes, a couple of castor oil drops can help ease it, and using it regularly will even cure it. It has not been scientifically proven but many people and even Doctors say so.

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How To Use Castor Oil In The Ear

It’s really easy to put castor oil in your ear, but don’t do it blindly. First, consult your doctor and ask if the castor oil will really help the specific ear infection that you have. They’ll give you the go and also tell you how to do it.

If you’re using it for ear pain and cleaning, warm it up first and then put 2-3 drops in your ear using a dropper. Now, when we say, warm it up, don’t stick it in the microwave. It’s best to warm it over steaming water, feel it with your finger, and then decide if it’s warm enough. And remember, the skin inside your ears is more sensitive than the skin on your fingers, so aim for just a little bit of warmth and flowing consistency.

After half a minute, take a Q-tip and clean your ear like you normally do. Be careful though, because the cotton swabs on the ends can push the wax inside if the Q-tip is not used properly. You should not do it more than once or twice a day, and that too for a short period.


Your ears are extremely sensitive so don’t overheat the oil because it may cause permanent damage to your ears. And remember, just because castor oil can ease earaches and infections, does not mean you should use it without a thought. Getting an expert medical opinion is always best.


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