Calamansi For Hair Treatment | Natural Hair Remedy

Struggling with dull and frizzy hair? You should try Calamansi For Hair Treatment and let it work its magic!

People know Calamansi as a fruit, but are often surprised to learn about its benefits. Yes, benefits with an “S.” Stay tuned and we’ll tell you all about these and show you how to use it on your hair.

Benefits of Calamansi on Hair

Calamansi can help with many hair problems. Its antibacterial properties kill bacteria that cause dandruff. Plus, it keeps your scalp healthy. Many studies have established that Calamansi extract also helps with hair softening and moisturizing, so it will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Don’t go pouring Calamansi juice on your head because too much can damage hair by irritating your scalp. We’ll show you how to use it properly.

How to Use Calamansi For Hair Treatment?

Now there’s two ways you can use Calamansi and treat your hair. The first one is rinsing your hair with its juice. Just take a cup of Calamansi juice and mix it with another cup of cool water. Once you’ve followed your regular shampoo and conditioner routine, use this as the last rinse. Pour it slowly over your hair and massage your scalp. Let it stay like this for 1-2 minutes, and then rinse your hair with cool water.

You might be thinking, why not hot water? Well, it’s good for cleansing with shampoo, but when you’re using Calamansi, we want the cuticle to lie flat so the moisture is trapped.

The other way to go is using a deep conditioner with Calamansi. Take Calamansi juice and add a tablespoon of coconut oil to it. Olive oil would work, too. Apply this mixture to your scalp and let it sit for a good 20-30 minutes. After that, just rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner.


When you apply Calamansi to your scalp, you shouldn’t go to the sun for at least an hour. Calamansi is acidic, and the sunlight will trigger it, causing sun damage.

Other than that, you should always be careful when applying Calamansi or any other remedy to your hair because they can lead to irritation. It’s best to do a patch test or consult a medical professional.


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