62. Agate Coaster

best diy craft project66

Like this idea? Check the tutorial here!

63. Tissue Holder

best diy craft project67

Have your tissues ever ready to serve you. Here’s the tutorial.

64. Wood Art

best diy craft project68

Use the spare wood pieces to create something interesting. Here’s the tutorial.

65. Sharpie Mug

best diy craft project69

A perfect valentine’s day gift for your better half. Check out the tutorial here.

66. Nut Bracelet

best diy craft project70

Here’s the tutorial.

67. Pillow Cover

best diy craft project71

Click here for a detailed tutorial.

68. Draped Skirt

best diy craft project72

Learn how to drape a skirt here.

69. Cork Boards

best diy craft project73

Visit here to get the detailed tutorial!

70. Necklace Holder

best diy craft project74

Here’s the tutorial.

71. Calendar

best diy craft project75

Remember important dates using this chalkboard calendar!

72. Mosaic Frames

best diy craft project76

Check the tutorial here!

73. Crib Skirt

best diy craft project77Here’s the tutorial on how to make a baby crib skirt!

74. Wooden Lamp

best diy craft project78

Make a wooden lamp with this step-by-step tutorial!

75. Booklet

best diy craft project79

Here’s the tutorial on how to make a decorated booklet.

76. Air Balloon

best diy craft project80

Check out the tutorial for more!

77. Prism Sculpture

best diy craft project81

Click here for the tutorial.

78. Pom Pom Rugs

best diy craft project82

Make this cute DIY pom pom rug at home with this detailed tutorial!

79. Fabric Necklace

best diy craft project83

Look for the tutorial here!

 80. Fat Quarter Throw Pillow

best diy craft project84

Check out the tutorial here.

81. Fox Basket

best diy craft project85

Here’s the tutorial.

82. Easter Eggs

best diy craft project101

This project can be the perfect home-decor idea for this Easter! Check out the tutorial here.

83. Bath Bombs

best diy craft project87

Click here for the tutorial!

84. Leather Necklace

best diy craft project88

Click here to get a detailed tutorial on how to make a leather necklace.

85. Knit Produce Bag

best diy craft project89

Get the tutorial here.

86. Time Out Stool

best diy craft project90

Visit here.

87. Seashell Necklacebest diy craft project92

Create this elegant piece of a necklace to flaunt your creativity.

88. Coffe Cup Sleeves

best diy craft project94

Check out the tutorial for this interesting DIY here!

89. Dog Collar

best diy craft project95

If you are looking for some interesting dog collars, then you may like this idea!

90. Leather-Feather Metallic Statement Necklace

best diy craft project96

If you are looking for a cute jewelry idea, this is the one.

91. Yarn Wrapped Painted Jars

best diy craft project97

This cool and easy DIY is a great way to you up unused mason jars.

92. DIY Pacifier Clips

best diy craft project98

This is a clever idea! It prevents pacifier from falling off to the ground and being lost.

93. Birdseed Wreath

best diy craft project99

Make this pretty wreath to decorate your home and provide a tasty treat to birds.

94. Gold Dot Champagne Flutes

best diy craft project100

Whether you’re throwing a party or looking for a unique gift for your friends and family, this is surely an awesome idea.


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