31. Glittered Mason Jar

diy craft projects32

Another perfect valentine’s day gift could be this cute little-glittered heart mason jar. Visit Creative Green Living for a detailed explanation.

32. Wall Letters

diy craft projects33

Hang letters on your wall which can inspire you to do DIY, Craft or your other important works with full aspiration and joy. Check out the tutorial here!

33. Hand Warmers

diy craft projects34

Make personalized hand warmers this winter for yourself or your kids. This DIY is cute and affordable.

34. Phone Charging Pouch

diy craft projects35

You take care of your phone all day long, let this phone pouch do the task while it’s charging. You can also make a tablet pouch with different dimensions using the same method. Know more about it here!

35. Washi Tape Clock

diy craft projects36

Have some unused pair of washi tape lying in your craft section? Well, use them to make these adorable washi tape wall clocks which will raise the beauty of your wall and room.

36. DIY Headband

diy craft projects37

A beginner sews craft project which is easy and looks pretty when finished. Check out the tutorial here!

37. Candle Holder

diy craft projects38

Prepare yourself for a sparkling combination of glitter and candle with this DIY. This Flower Tea Light Candle Holder has all the abilities to become the new point of focus in your house!

38. Pendant Lightdiy craft projects40

Upcycle any waste glass bottle in a beautiful and productive pendant light. Visit DIY JOY to know more!

39. Gold Moon Pendant

diy craft projects41

This DIY looks wholly magical and mesmerizing. The only backdrop is that it’s a bit expensive so if you are looking for something cheap and easy, then this might not be your choice. To know more click here.

40. Fabric Vases

diy craft projects42

Something new! Try making these fabric DIY vases with some easy steps and using basic supplies.

41. Earphone Organizer

Irritated by your headphones getting tangled? Every time we need to hear some music, the first task is to untangle that chaotic headphone. This DIY earphone organizer is the ideal solution for this problem.

42. Key Fobs

This exciting project is a quick DIY made using your favorite fabrics. Click here to know more!

43. Crochet Cactus

diy craft projects45

A fantastic crochet craft you should try. Look out here for more information!

44. Wrapped Bottles

diy craft projects46

Think before gifting a wine bottle or beer bottle to anyone. You now have an opportunity to make it more attractive and appealing. Visit here!

45. Toothbrush Holder

diy craft projects47

Create this exciting toothbrush holder for your kids to make their mornings a bit exciting! Check the tutorial here.

46. Cosmetic Bag

diy craft projects48

Make this cosmetic bag to keep your cosmetics organized and ready for use. Here is the tutorial!

47. Washi Tape Bracelet

diy craft projects49

Get yourself a brand new bracelet at the rate of 2-3 washi tapes. Check the step-by-step tutorial here.

48. Bowl Covers

diy craft projects50

Let’s upgrade your¬†dining table with these bowl covers which can be reused and are washable. The tutorial is here.

49. Vintage Bangles

diy craft projects51

Turn your old dull bangles into new vintage ones. Here’s the tutorial.

50. Spoon Lamp

best diy craft project52

This DIY spoon lamp will give a magical look to your room. Check out the tutorial here.

51. Wall Art

best diy craft project53

Use the waste toilet paper rolls to create this interesting and inexpensive wall art. Visit here for more!

52. Mason Jar DIY

best diy craft project54

Try this amazing mason jar DIY to present it as a gift for your family or friends. Here’s the tutorial.

53. Lace Lamp

best diy craft project55

Crazy for lace crafts? Try making this lace lamp in simple and quick steps. Here is the tutorial.

54. Bottle Flower

best diy craft project56

Make perfect shaped flowers using a plastic bottle.

55. Solar Bulb Lamp

best diy craft project57

An inexpensive way to make a solar lamp at home. Learn this DIY here.

56. Father’s Day

best diy craft project58

Your Dad will love these gifts from you! Try these ideas to surprise your Dad this Father’s Day.

57. Quilted Heart


best diy craft project60

Get your friends this beautiful quilted heart as a gift or a surprise. Here is the tutorial.

58. Ring Cone

best diy craft project61

It is as interesting to make as it looks! Check out the tutorial here.

59. Book Necklace

best diy craft project62

Are you one of those book fanatics? Make this mini book necklace here.

60. Marquee Letters

best diy craft project64

Never heard or seen this project? Click here to get the tutorial.

61. Salt and Pepper Shakers

best diy craft project65

Organize your kitchen with these shakers. Check out the tutorial here.


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