30 Basic Homemade Soap Recipes | How to Make Soap at Home

Store-bought soaps often tend to damage your skin because it’s rich in chemicals and other harmful contents. Homemade DIY soap is rich in vitamins, minerals, and oils which moisturize and nourish your skin to the deepest possible. There are endless homemade natural soap recipes available because it can be made by just combining three or more natural ingredients. Here are some of the recipes to make soap at home, it’s not only fun to make but frugal as well. 


If you are a beginner to soap making, check out these soap making essentials for beginners:

1. Lavender and Rosemary Hand Soap

Lavender and Rosemary hand soap recipe will be ideal if you want to clean your hands and nails without leaving them dry and unmoisturized.

2. Shea Butter Face Soap

Shea-butter soap is an all-natural face soap and is precise for all skin types, especially if you have sensitive skin; dry or oily doesn’t matter.

3. Milk and Honey Soap

These milk and honey soap contain raw honey and goat milk which provides the advantages of anti-aging, acne-fighting and cleansing properties.

4. Donut Scented Soap

If your friends or family love donuts, then these donut scented soaps can be the way to their heart. This unique soap recipe smells the same as freshly baked donuts and is easy to make.

5. Tea Tree and Charcoal Facial Soap

Tea tree Facial Soap is perfect for the combination of oily skin types with hydrating, healing, and detoxifying benefits which nourish your skin deeply.

6. Lavender Oatmeal Soap

This soap is an absolute solution to dry and itchy skin. The combination of lavender and oatmeal contain the awesomeness of lavender and effecting repair qualities of oatmeal.

7. Carrot and Honey Soap

Carrot and honey soap is the right choice for dry, mature skin with properties like anti-aging and moisturization. You can use it as a facial cleanser as well as a body cleansing bar.

8. Beeswax Soap

Beeswax not only protects your skin from environmental danger but also holds in moisture and therefore reduces dryness.

9. Lanolin Shaving Soap

Lanolin comforts the rough and scaly patches of the skin while reducing the minor abrasions. Before starting to use the soap, make sure to let it cure for 3-5 weeks.

10. Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil soap recipe is made using 100% pure olive oil. Olive oil is used as a beauty product for decades because of its natural skin healing properties. You might also be aware of olive oil’s anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating qualities which makes it beneficial for the skin, hairs, and nails.

11. Peppermint and Mocha Soap

This is a food turned into soap recipe, it smells chocolaty just as your peppermint mocha beverage. It provides moisture to your skin, and it is suitable for people with dry skin during winters.

12. Bar Shampoo Soap

The store-bought shampoos have chemicals mixed in them which makes your hair unhealthy and dry. This all-natural shampoo bar soap is the best solution to make your hair healthy again.

13. Cinnamon Swirl Soap

Cinnamon Swirl regulates circulation along with providing moisture and exfoliation to the skin. Cinnamon is many a time allergic to eyes; I’ll suggest you keep it away from the contact of eyes while using it as shampoo or face soap.

14. Calendula Soap

Calendula has numerous health and skin benefits, and it helps to relieve acne and any spot on the face. This soap is also suitable for skin problems like psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and other skin issues.

15. Yogurt and Banana Soap

This soap recipe has all the core qualities of yogurt and banana like potassium, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, good fats and lactic acid. It is suitable for dry skin.

16. Apple Cider Soap

Apple cider juice helps in removing dead skins and reveals new vibrant skin everytime you use it. It is recommended to use few drops of your favorite essential oil to neutralize the smell of the apple cider.

17. Aloe Vera Soap

Aloe vera can soothe sunburns, exfoliate the skin, treat acne and moisturize the skin, heal wounds and many other abilities unlisted. Know more about how to create aloe vera soap here.

18. Coconut Oil Soap

Coconut oil is one of the best oil for skin. This soap is made using 100% pure coconut oil which emphasizes no change in the oil’s properties. This soap can be used as a laundry bar as well as a skin bar.

19. Poppy Seed Soap

The lemon poppy seed soap is exemplary for the kitchen as it can remove the smell of garlic and onions from hands while remaining a great exfoliant. The almond poppy seed soap can be used as a lotion bar with exfoliating properties along with impressive moisturizing qualities. Check out the detailed recipe description here.

20. Pink Grapefruit Soap

Grapefruit leaves your skin soft and shiny. It smells fantastic, and the oils mixed in it makes the soap a great moisturizer. To know more, check out this article by Garden Therapy.

21. Rose Soap

This particular soap is made using real roses, rosehip seed oil, and coconut oil. Therefore, it has skin regenerating and healing properties of rosehip seed oil. While coconut oil provides moisture to the skin, the real roses soften and conditions the skin very well.

22. Felted Soap

It’s a combination of a washcloth and a soap bar. The process of making a felted soap using natural wool, water, and glycerine soap bar is an easy and crafty one. This soap can be created in no time with the least of efforts. Check more here.

23. Herbs and Citrus Soap

The combination of herbs like mint and rosemary and citrus fruits like lemon and orange provides nutrition to your delicate skin. It is suitable for dry and damaged skin. Instead of keeping the end product into Freezer to set, you can use silicone ice trays, as setting soaps in freezers can cause the soaps to sweat. Check out detailed tutorial here.

24. Herbal Soap

Mixing herbs, scents, flowers and few colors can get you your homemade herbal soap. This type of soap is fun and easy to make, and the end product looks amazingly astonishing, which makes them a great gift item to give to your family or friends. Visit The Nerdy Farmwife to know more!

25. Pumpkin Soap

You might be aware of the skin benefits of pumpkin, apart from that,  pumpkin provides vitamin A and C to your skin. If you want a bright, smooth and healthy skin, this pumpkin soap recipe is the right choice for you!

26. Honey Dandelion Soap

If you have persistent skin infections or skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis, then raw honey and fresh dandelions can soothe the condition very well. It remains one of the most famous soap recipes every year, and also, if you are making soap for selling purpose, then this combination will never disappoint you.

27. Gin and Tonic Soap

Gin and tonic are very fruitful drink ingredients in summer. Who knew these could be used in the soap making process! Check more about it here.

28. Butterfly Swirl Soap

These beautiful patterns on this soap make it the most exciting and precious handmade gift item. This is a cold process soap making recipe if you have never tried making soap with this process, then please check the link on top of the article.

29. Strawberry Preserve Soap

Like the poppy seed soap recipe, this soap recipe also involves the use of strawberry poppy seeds which makes it look more natural and increases the fragrance of the soap.

30. Snowflakes Soap

Soap perfectly shaped like snowflakes! Quite amazing. This can be an excellent idea for Christmas decor and some other festivals. It can be made using simple and easily available ingredients. Check out the tutorial here.


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