8 DIY Bowl Painting Ideas

Are you bored with your regular bowls at home? Transform them into colorful masterpieces with these Bowl Painting Ideas!

Whether you’re updating your kitchen or revamping your living room, painted bowls can add a stylish visual element to any room setting. Read on to learn more about some of the best bowl painting ideas that are simple, easy, and affordable.

Bowl Painting Ideas

1. DIY Glass Bowl Painting

Bowl Painting Ideas 1

Learn how you can transform a simple glass bowl into an eye-grabbing decor piece in this video tutorial. The unicorn design in the center gives this colorful bowl more visual appeal.

2. DIY Clay Fruit Bowls

Bowl Painting Ideas 2

These fruit-themed clay bowls are perfect for displaying rings, earrings, and other tiny trinkets. They are easy to make with a rolling pin, air-dried clay, a cutter, acrylic paint, and brushes.

3. DIY Colorblock Wooden Bowls

Bowl Painting Ideas 3

In this article, the DIYer revamps vintage wooden bowls into decor-worthy, functional pieces with the color-blocking technique. The best part is that you only need an hour to complete this project.

4. DIY Hand-Painted Indigo Clay Bowls

Bowl Painting Ideas 4

Don’t know how to make plain clay bowls into gift-worthy items? Simply hand-paint them with an indigo hue, and that’s it. Get the rest of the instructions in this article.

5. DIY Painted Ceramic Bowl

DIY Painted Ceramic Bowl

Show off your creativity by turning ordinary ceramic bowls into personalized art pieces with paint, tape, a brush, an oven, and this tutorial. Always use food-safe paint if you are going to use the painted bowl for serving purposes.

6. DIY Painted Bowls

DIY Painted Bowls

All you need are different-shaped adhesive stencils and acrylic paint to craft custom-painted bowls. It’s a simple, beginner-friendly project that can be completed in an hour or so.

7. DIY Painted Watermelon Bowls

DIY Painted Watermelon Bowls

Want a super cute accent piece for your kid’s birthday party? Simply give a quick makeover to a glass bowl with paint, a brush, and this video tutorial.

8. Snack Party Bowl Idea

Snack Party Bowl Idea

Make the ultimate snack party bowl with this amazing idea. There is no set pattern for the bowls in this project, meaning you can experiment with the design.


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