7 DIY Glass Vase Painting Ideas

Here are some amazing Glass Vase Painting Ideas that will help you spruce up any home decor in a few minutes!

Are you ready to give your home a mini-makeover without making a big hole in your wallet? These glass vase painting ideas are great options to start with.

Glass Vase Painting Ideas

1. DIY Spray Paint Glass Vase

Glass Vase Painting Ideas 1

Turn a thrifted glass vase into an eye-grabbing home decor piece with spray paint. It’s an excellent gift option for Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. Watch this video tutorial for the instructions.

2. DIY Sea Glass Vase

Glass Vase Painting Ideas 2

Want authentic sea glass vases but can’t afford one? Check out this article to make a cheaper version at home with a plain glass vase and paint. You can also adorn the vase with sisal twine and seashells.

3. Stained Glass Lighthouse Vase

Glass Vase Painting Ideas 3

If you love the nautical and beach-themed decor, you must try this stained glass lighthouse vase project. Place it on the mantel with flowers or decorative foliage to spice up the look and feel of your home decor.

4. DIY Lace Stencil Vase

Glass Vase Painting Ideas 4

Take inspiration from this tutorial to make a timeless glass vase using lace stencils, white spray paint, and a glass bottle. Don’t forget to add some lace on the top and cut flowers to complete the look.

5. Mercury Glass Vase Idea

Mercury Glass Vase Idea

Give your regular glass vase the elegant and timeless look of mercury glass on a budget with this tutorial. You can choose different sized vases with ridges or patterns for added appeal.

6. DIY Striped Glass Vase

DIY Striped Glass Vase

Revamp the appearance of your plain dollar-store glassware into a striking decorative piece with colorful stripes of acrylic paint. You can make this project personalized by experimenting with different colors.

7. DIY Ombre Glass Vase

DIY Ombre Vase Idea

Give your plain glass a trendy update with an ombre effect. Choose a blend you would like and follow this tutorial on how to paint your glass vase in an ombre texture.


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