8 Creative and Practical Uses for Pistachio Shells

Here are some creative and practical uses for pistachio shells that will surely make your everyday chores a little bit easier!

Don’t discard those pistachio shells in the garbage bin just yet! They have lots of surprising uses in the home and garden. Read on to learn how to make the most out of every pistachio shell.

Uses For Pistachio Shells

1. Jewelry Crafting

One of the most popular ways to reuse pistachio shells is to make jewelry like this beautiful necklace. You only need a few basic supplies, lots of pistachio shells, and DIYing skills to make one for your

2. Pot Decoration

Rather than buying fancy pots from gardening stores, you can inexpensively decorate the existing ones with pistachio shells. Simply attach the regular or colored shells on the pot surface using super glue, and that’s it.

3. DIY Pistachio Succulent

Did you know that beautiful faux succulents can be made at home with just pistachio shells and a few supplies? If not, watch this YouTube video tutorial. The best part is that you don’t have to take care of these plants at all!

4. As a Compost

Uses for Pistachio Shells 3

If you’re running out of composting material, toss the pistachio shells in the compost bin. They are excellent composters due to their water retention capabilities. However, pistachio shells take more time to degrade than other composting materials. That’s why crush the shells in fine pieces before putting them in the compost bin.

5. Pistachio Shells as Mulch

Put a sufficient amount of pistachio shells on the surface of the plants to retain moisture and improve fertility. In this way, they will act as a mulch for the plant. To prepare the shells, soak them in water overnight and place them on the surface the following day.

6. Fire Starter

Fire Starter

Considering the woody composition and oil content, the pistachio shells are excellent firestarters. So, next time when you plan a barbecue or go on a camping trip, take lots of pistachio shells with you.

7. DIY Pistachio Shells Wreath

DIY Pistachio Shells Wreath

Crafting festive wreaths is a great way to use the piles of pistachio shells that are creating a mess in your kitchen. If you want to try your hands on such an amazing craft project, check out this detailed tutorial.

8. Pistachio Shells Candle Holders

Pistachio shells can be used to create beautiful-looking flower-themed candle holders. You can paint them to give them a more elegant or vibrant look. Here’s how you can convert pistachio shells into candle votives.


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