6 DIY Cardboard Box Rocket Ship Ideas

Take your kiddo’s playtime to new heights with these DIY Cardboard Box Rocket Ship Ideas! Start crafting today!

If you’re looking for a creative activity to keep your kids engaged and entertained during vacations, try these cardboard box rocket ship ideas. These projects will fuel their love for space exploration.

Cardboard Box Rocket Ship Ideas

1. Homemade Cardboard Rocket Ship

Cardboard Box Rocket Ship Ideas 1

Learn the steps to transform a piece of cardboard into a big rocket ship in this detailed tutorial. You can modify the size of this rocket as per your requirements. One thing is sure that everyone will love this incredible creation of yours, especially children.


  • A Large Refrigerator Cardboard Box
  • Box Cutter
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Chrome Spray Paint
  • Marker/Sharpie
  • Long Straight Edge
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Black Duct Tape
  • Aluminum Foil

2. NASA Kids Cardboard Rocket Ship

Cardboard Box Rocket Ship Ideas 2

Equipped with doors, windows, and control panels, this cardboard rocket ship is painted white & metallic on the outside and metallic on the inside. Furthermore, the NASA logo adds more interest to the overall look.


  • A Large Cardboard Box
  • A Few Cardboard Pieces
  • Plastic Paper Holder
  • Empty Cornflake Boxes
  • Two Watter Bottles
  • White and Metallic Spray
  • Duct Tape
  • Cutter

3. DIY Recycled Cardboard Box Rocket Ship

Cardboard Box Rocket Ship Ideas 3

Give your little astronaut a rocket ship of his/her own using cardboard boxes and a few supplies. It’s a bit of a time-consuming project but the end result is worth the effort.


  • Duck Tape
  • Oversized Cardboard Box
  • Craft Knife

4. Cardboard Tube Mini Rocket Ship

Cardboard Box Rocket Ship Ideas 4

Whether you use it for a school project or decorating your child’s study table, this little cardboard tube rocket is a fun craft project. Your little one will surely want to try his/her hands on this amazing craft.


  • Cardboard Tube
  • Paint
  • Tissue Paper

5. Junior Multicolored Cardboard Rocket

Junior Multicolored Cardboard Rocket

Let your kids show their creativity and work with you on this fun cardboard rocket ship project. It’s a kid-friendly project that can be easily customized with different colors, stickers, and other adornments.


  • Large Blank Pieces of Cardboard
  • Double Sided Sticky Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Box Cutter
  • Screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Tape Measure

6. DIY Cardboard Rocket Ships

DIY Cardboard Rocket Ships

Adorned with fuzzy sticks, felt, and beads, this mini rocket is the best way to show off your creativity and crafting skills among kids. If you want to make one, check out this step-by-step article.


  • Cardboard
  • Empty Toilet Paper Tube
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Washable Paint and Paintbrush
  • Felt Pieces
  • Beads
  • Craft Sticks


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